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Alvin J. Parmassar Discusses Major Questions Facing the Film Industry Right Now

Alvin J. Parmassar recently discussed major questions facing the film industry right now.

MIAMI, FL / MARCH 26, 2021 / The film industry is ready to put the year 2020 in the past. However, filmmakers, actors, actresses, and crew members around the world are still facing major issues regarding reopening the studios and cinemas. Movie theaters are currently facing some of their toughest economic hardships yet and the summer movie season is rapidly approaching. Film producer Alvin J. Parmassar recently discussed several major questions facing the film industry right now.

Alvin J. Parmassar explained that China has long been a major source of box office. However, China has begun reviving its film scene without much aid from Hollywood. Chinese movie theaters have been featuring local Chinese films, and they’ve been largely driving ticket sales. In fact, China’s box office revenues recently passed North America’s for the first time in history. As the U.S. continues to get the coronavirus pandemic under control, China continues to separate itself from Hollywood, and this could greatly impact future sales. 

“We’re all still wondering if a summer film season will exist this year,” Alvin J. Parmassar said. “We’re seeing more and more citizens getting their vaccinations, but it’s not likely the summer movie season will return to ‘normal’ this year.”

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day usually accounts for 40 percent of the year’s total box office. Citizens are eager to return to cinemas safely, but it remains unclear if this summer’s premier dates will stick. 

that another major issue facing the industry is a possible change of interest among moviegoers. Citizens have been sitting in isolation for months, and filmmakers are predicting they will be more interested in films that provide a form of escapism. They may not be as interested in complicated storylines, and may opt for less thought-provoking yet entertaining films.

“We’re concerned that the movie theaters themselves may actually see major changes or continue to struggle to survive,” Alvin J. Parmassar said. “They’re going to have to figure out how to stay afloat until a majority of the population is vaccinated, and that’s becoming more and more difficult each day.”

Parmassar hopes that when the coronavirus becomes more controlled, moviegoers will return to theaters in full force. He is optimistic that they’ll be excited to be out of the house and will have more money in their pockets to see several films per month. A reduction in tensions between the United States and China under new leadership may also help North American films gain popularity once again in the East. Only the future will tell what’s in store for the film industry.

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