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Do you want to become a professional player?

Do you want strong bones?

If yes, it is necessary to keep yourself fit and strong. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body and plays a crucial role in strengthening bones and muscles.

Now I will tell you about a helpful magnesium supplement that will overcome magnesium deficiency and fulfill magnesium requirements in your body.

The supplement is known as Magnesium Breakthrough as it includes all seven types of magnesium, which are vital for the body and solve many issues like stress, weak immunity, weak bones, and much more.


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So, in this Magnesium Breakthrough review, you will read about benefits, pricing, ingredients, side effects, working process, and much more.


Quick Magnesium Breakthrough Review:

Product Name Magnesium Breakthrough
Brand BiOptimizers
Special Ingredient Magnesium
Category Dietary Supplement
Item Form Capsules
Dosage 2 Capsules Per Day
Price From $40
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How Can Magnesium Breakthrough Help You?

Stress is bad for health and brings many other diseases like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and much more. You should keep yourself away from stress. You can reduce your stress by lowering cortisol levels in the body. When you are stressed for a prolonged period, the body produces cortisol hormone.

People who have issues like focus problems, memory loss, sleeping problems often have high cortisol levels. When your body contains cortisol (stress) hormone at a high level, it is difficult for the body to deliver signals on time, and the mind works slowly compared to the stress-free mind.

The above signs are warning that something is wrong with your body. Researchers link high stress to the deficiency of magnesium.

Stress is commonly found in people who have a deficiency of magnesium in their bodies. Stress is increasing in our societies because we are not getting enough nutrients. There are many fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, and herbs that can fulfill magnesium requirements. Additionally, drinking coffee or taking sugar is another helpful way to reduce magnesium deficiency.

When you get recommended magnesium dosage, it keeps you away from stress. The recommended magnesium dosage for 18-51+ adults is 400 mg in men and 320 in women. Thankfully, Magnesium Breakthrough is a supplement that can fulfill magnesium requirements safely and naturally.

Everyone wants to reduce stress and other mental issues like anxiety. Fortunately, Magnesium Breakthrough is the supplement to reduce stress and deliver many other health benefits. Users don’t have to worry about its result. This supplement treats health problems by fulfilling the recommended magnesium requirement in the body.


What Is Magnesium Breakthrough?




Magnesium Breakthrough contains seven different forms of magnesium. These different types of magnesium help with digestion, sleeping, anxiety, stress, weight loss, and more.

Wade T. Lightheart is the person behind the development of Magnesium Breakthrough. Wade is a member of the American Anti-Cancer Institute and also the founder of BiOptimizers.

As per Wade, when your body gets sufficient magnesium, you will start feeling positive changes. You will get a strong immune system, more energy, a stress-free mind, proper sleeping, a balanced heart level, etc. Magnesium Breakthrough contains a complex formula of seven essential types of magnesium you rarely get from foods.

Many users like the working of Magnesium Breakthrough and also recommend it to their loved ones. Some people get results in just two months and notice changes in their health. Additionally, many people find it unique and powerful than any other magnesium supplement.

However, it is crucial to take proper treatment if you have any medical condition. Magnesium Breakthrough doesn’t treat any disease, and it fulfills the magnesium requirement in the body.


Who Should Use Magnesium Breakthrough?

People suffering from the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency should try this magnesium supplement to make their health better.

According to some Magnesium Breakthrough reviews from the customer, it improves mood and the nervous system.

Many users who take coffee to boost energy levels can try Magnesium Breakthrough and get remarkable results. The best thing about the formula is you don’t need to make any changes in your diet. However, it would help if you continued healthy eating and exercising to make your health better.

Stress is terrible for the body as it causes various health issues. According to American psychologists, stress is linked with multiple death-causing diseases like heart problems, obesity, mental issues, inflammation, stroke, and much more.


Ingredients of Magnesium Breakthrough




Before buying any supplement, you should take a look at its ingredients. Let’s take a look at its components:

Magnesium Chelate – It is excellent for strong muscles, better health, and healing.

Magnesium Aspartate – This type of magnesium helps in building a proper connection between muscles and the brain. It also improves muscles and supports the body to absorb nutrients properly.

Magnesium Citrate – It treats obesity and improves arterial stiffness. 

Magnesium Taurate – Magnesium Taurate is an amino acid that keeps the heart healthy, cleans up the liver, balances cholesterol, improves the nervous system, and improves digestion.

Magnesium Bisglycinate – It reduces belly fat, helps in digestion, cleanses your stomach, and removes stomach acid. Additionally, it also helps in relieving stress, boosting functions, protecting from heart diseases, controlling high blood pressure, and making bones stronger.

Magnesium Malate – This is a type of magnesium found in fruits that heals migraines, reduces chronic pains, and eliminates mental issues like depression and anxiety.

Magnesium Orotate – It speeds up metabolism and boosts energy.


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Does Magnesium Breakthrough Really Work?




Magnesium Breakthrough is not a supplement that contains any harmful chemical or artificial ingredient. It will make your life stress-free, relaxing, and improve your overall health.

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that is responsible for 600 body reactions. Magnesium deficiency causes pain, weak metabolism, weak immunity, low energy, mental disorders, and much more.

When the stress increases, your body loses many essential nutrients, and body functions become slow and weak. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are pain, memory loss, obesity, anxiety, stress, etc.

Magnesium reduces stress and is excellent for the nervous system. Therefore, Wade added various types of magnesium which improve brain functions, reduce anxiety, and most importantly, promote stress-free life.

Here are some benefits of the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement:

  • Controls high cortisol level
  • Maintains healthy heart
  • Keeps your muscles and nervous system strong
  • Boosts up energy, improve immune, and metabolism system
  • Keeps your bones strong


Pros And Cons Of Magnesium Breakthrough

Here are some pros and cons of Magnesium Breakthrough you should know before buying it.


  • The supplement reduces cortisol levels in the body.
  • The supplement improves immunity, controls heartbeats, and keeps bones strong.
  • It boosts the function of the nervous system.
  • The supplement helps in maintaining high cholesterol levels.
  • The supplement reduces weight and boosts up energy.
  • The supplement doesn’t consist of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours, and much more.
  • It is safe and easy to use.


  • You can buy it from its official website.
  • It is suitable for people who have no health issues.


Does Magnesium Breakthrough Really Help?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for the body. Additionally, it is the fourth most important mineral in your body. Minerals are crucial for your body as they boost the immune system, protect the heart, keep bones strong, reduce mental illnesses, and provide many other benefits. Regular use of magnesium controls cortisol levels which reduces stress.


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Is Magnesium Breakthrough Safe And Legit?

BiOptimizers states that Magnesium Breakthrough is free from any chemical, artificial flavour, preservatives, lead, additives, and other harmful material. It is beneficial, reasonable, and easy to use. Magnesium is vital for the body and keeps you away from various illnesses.

According to studies, magnesium is a vital mineral for reducing stress, mental issues, obesity. Moreover, researchers link a high magnesium diet with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. It is because magnesium plays a crucial role in reducing diabetes and insulin metabolism.

People who want to reduce stress and have a strong immune system should try Magnesium Breakthrough as it is a well-research supplement with no harmful ingredients. It is a safe and legit product you can try to make your health better.

Magnesium will increase energy naturally. It is best to take various types of magnesium that are beneficial for the body in multiple ways.

Every type of magnesium consists of various features and benefits that look after your health and fulfill all magnesium requirements of the body. Don’t forget, you can get seven types of magnesium in the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement.


Benefits Of Magnesium Breakthrough Ingredients:




Magnesium Breakthrough contains seven different types of magnesium, and here are their benefits:

Magnesium chelate

  • It helps in healing injuries and wounds quickly.
  • It recovers your joints, muscles, and bones.
  • It improves your health.
  • It strengthens muscles.
  • It reduces weight.
  • It is helpful for Arterial stiffness.

Magnesium Bisglycinate

  • It removes stomach acid.
  • It keeps you away from acidity.
  • It resolves stomach issues like indigestion.
  • It removes heartburn and stomach burn.

Magnesium Malate

  • It is commonly found in fruits.
  • It is for people who have a migraine or chronic pain.
  • It helps in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety that leads to many health issues.

Magnesium Aspartate

  • It is for both the brain and muscles.
  • It builds strong muscles.
  • It provides essential nutrients to the body.

Magnesium Sucrosomial 

  • It boosts energy levels.
  • It speeds up the immune system.
  • It improves body functions.
  • It keeps bones strong and helps in healing.

Magnesium Taurate 

  • It keeps your heart healthy.
  • It prevents you from heart diseases.
  • It balances high blood pressure and sugar level.

Magnesium Orotate 

  • It boosts metabolism.
  • It regulates body functions.
  • It improves recovery and healing.

All these types of magnesium keep your body healthy and away from health issues. Magnesium Breakthrough is a natural and safe formula that provides essential magnesium the body needs to work correctly. Additionally, hundreds of positive reviews about the product and people are using it to reduce mental illnesses like stress.

So, Magnesium Breakthrough is helpful for people who want to release stress and want to keep themselves healthy.


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About Using Magnesium Breakthrough

It is best to take Magnesium Breakthrough capsules when your stomach is empty. Wade suggests two capsules per day when your stomach is empty. You can also take it in the morning to feel stress-free all day.

Additionally, you can also take it before sleeping for proper and relaxed sleep. After using it regularly, you will notice changes in yourself.

You can take the supplement as your comfort. However, make sure you take it regularly for fast results.


Benefits And Drawbacks Of Magnesium Breakthrough


  • The supplement keeps you relaxed and stress-free.
  • It improves the nervous system.
  • It reduces stress, depression, and other mental issues.
  • It helps in giving you proper sleeping.
  • It helps in healing and recovering muscles injuries.
  • It includes seven types of magnesium which provide various benefits.
  • It overcomes your nutrient deficiency.
  • The supplement has hundred of positive reviews with no side effects report.
  • It is an additive-free and chemical-free supplement.
  • It is helpful for people who have obesity, migraines, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and inflammation.
  • It comes with a 365-day cash-back guarantee.


  • You can buy this supplement from its official website.
  • If you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor.
  • It is not suitable for women who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and adults below 18 years.
  • Overdose can cause side effects.


About Pricing And Purchasing




You can buy it from its official website. Please don’t buy it from somewhere else; otherwise, you can face a scam or get a fake product.

You can buy the Magnesium Breakthrough supplement at discounted prices along with a money-back guarantee. Here are three offers you can get from its official site.

  • Buy 1 bottle for $39.95
  • Buy 3 bottles for $99 ($33 each bottle) with a gift and US free shipping 
  • Buy 6 bottles for $182 ($30 each bottle) with a gift and free shipping in the US and CA


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Does FDA Approve this Supplement? 

No, FDA doesn’t approve any dietary supplements. It is made in the US, under the FDA-approved facility, but FDA does not monitor the supplement.    

Does Magnesium Breakthrough Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, it includes 365 days money-back guarantee along with a refund policy. In case of any issue, you can get your money back quickly.

Is It Available At Any Other Online Store? 

No, you can buy it from its official website.

Is Bonus Included In Magnesium Breakthrough Package? 

Yes, but it is available for customers who buy a 3-bottle or 6-bottle package. Wade offers free MassZymas as a gift for those who buy in multiple bottles package.

Is It A Safe Supplement? 

Yes, as it includes no harmful element that harms your body and consists of seven kinds of magnesium that are vital for the body.


The Final Verdict:




The Magnesium Breakthrough is great for people who want to add a healthy supplement into their diet. It is a natural and safe supplement that helps in relieving stress and keeping you relaxed. If your mind remains relaxed, you will focus on your desired goals.

So, if you have a nutrient deficiency, the Magnesium Breakthrough will help you overcome magnesium deficiency and keep your body healthy.

It is a safe supplement that has no side effects and has no chemicals. If you take it as per instructions, you will notice results in a few days.

The supplement is helpful for reducing stress and beneficial for boosting energy, metabolism, and immune system. It also keeps you away from mental illness and heart diseases. It will give you a proper and relaxed sleep. 

Additionally, it also improves your overall health as it consists of seven different kinds of magnesium that have various health benefits that keep your body active.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to have a healthy life? Go to the official website and buy it now

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