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About Tree Stumps: There’s more to them than meets the eyes!

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 25, 2020  3:25 PM ET

Most trees are great for property owners. However, sadly, some trees require culling or cutting down. But, before you ask the question: How much will it cost to cut down a tree?, consider that you’ll also have to deal with the stump left behind. Why?

  • Stumps rot and attract insects and pests. In time, those vermin may find their way onto the property.
  • They are hazardous. People can trip, or children may get hurt. This is especially true if they’re hidden by overgrowth in time
  • Some are stubborn and continue to regrow each year. That means continued maintenance, trimming, and landscaping expenses
  • Others are still “alive” and their roots spread out, unseen, and may do damage to below-ground structures (Sewage lines, water tanks, basement walls, etc.)

Finally, if you’ve had trees removed because you wish to proceed with some project on the property – well guess what? Those stumps may force you to put your plans on hold. Because, unless you have them removed, they’re likely to be a hindrance to any new structure you plan on erecting there!

Ready to proceed?

So, before telling yourself: Let me call a stump removal service near me and have that eyesore dealt with, stop a while and consider what it might cost you to proceed. While some arborists may be straightforward about their costs, others may not be as forthcoming. And still, unless you deal with a reputable company, others in the tree and stump removal business might not even be qualified or licensed to carry out the work.

So, what are your options to move forward? Well, here are some industry best practices to consider:

  • The quotes: Before proceeding with stump removal plans, property owners should call for several quotes for the service. Typically, between three and five estimates are good for starters.
  • The details: Make sure you provide as much information as possible to the contractor: Location, size, nearby structures (power lines, sheds, children’s play equipment, existing landscaping, etc.) so the professionals may factor those elements into the cost.
  • The timelines: Don’t rush a decision – no matter how pushy the salesperson at the other end might be. Take your time and do a detailed analysis of the quote to get the best value for money for yourself.
  • The overheads: When you receive a quote, be sure to add an overhead – between 5% to 7% – to the cost provided. It’ll make comparison fairer – just in case you omitted to mention relevant facts, or if there’s a cost overrun.

Now that you are ready to proceed with making your decision, there’s just one more step to perform. Use a handy online stump and tree removal cost calculator to compare your estimates. The estimates provided by AAA Tree Service NY are based on years of experience in tree and stump removal in Hamptons, New York, Bronx County, Queens County, Nassau County NY and Suffolk County NY. They can be trusted as a baseline for your analysis. And, if you need assistance doing the quote assessment, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


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