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Aaron Ace Harris and Kevin Charlie French, Co-founders of Key Marketing Interventions, are Dominating The Real Estate Sector With Their 3 Closing Guarantee

Greensboro, N.C. – The real estate market is constantly changing due to the time of year, location, social trends and the economy. Agents are constantly evolving with it in order to reach the ultimate goal of finding their clients the right buyer for their property or the home of their dreams.

One thing that hasn’t changed for real estate agents is the need to capture, connect and maintain new leads. Fortunately, Key Marketing Interventions Co-Founders Aaron Harris and Kevin Charlie stepped up to the plate to help when they announced in early August their 3 Closing Guarantee for Real Estate Agents. The company has been dominating the sector ever since as they continue to help realtors keep their business running through the crisis and beyond.

The plan, developed by Aaron and Kevin, guarantees agents they will not only obtain new leads, but make more closings with their proven lead generation process. By taking new leads and figuring out which of those are most likely to turn into a sale, they take the legwork out of the process and provide the realtor with clients ready to buy. During a time when even the top real estate agents have found it difficult to attract new leads, this method has been instrumental in many real estate businesses across the country.

“I have been working with Aaron for about six months with Key Marketing and it has done wonders for my business,” Keller Williams Realtor Geba McDaniel said. “I have increased my production with my buyer leads. I have received hundreds of leads and an additional $50,000 in income within a six-month time frame. It has been tremendous for my business. Any event that I have marketed has increased the response just marketing on social media and with Key Marketing and their help. Any agent out there who is looking to increase their volume and trying to find a platform that really works for them I would definitely suggest Key Marketing to do so.”

Not only have realtors experienced a difference in income, they also have noticed their schedules have a bit more free time. Realtors know the hours that can be spent cultivating and nurturing leads. The cold calls, emails, and advertising can be time-consuming and frustrating. Key Marketing has provided relief by allowing agents to embrace alternative ways of connecting with new clients and making those sales during a time when the market is slowing down on both the buying and selling end.

“I am able to enjoy some time at Atlantic Dunes Park Beach because Key Marketing is doing all the work for me,” Randolph Cisneros, real estate broker with, exclaimed right from the beach. “I have been in the system for less than a week, and I’ve got about 19 to 20 prospects. The platform and system is fantastic to use and the assistance you receive from them is top notch. Thank you so much Key Marketing.”

What real estate agent doesn’t want additional income, more free time and less stress? Contact Key Marketing and let them help you discover what the agents who are a part of their team already know: Key Marketing will take your business strategy to the next level.

Aaron Ace Harris and Kevin Charlie French are the co-founders of Key Marketing Real Estate, an agency that helps realtors with their innovative and effective 3 Closing Guaranteed System. They were able to grow their real estate marketing business to 7-figures during the pandemic. Click here to find out about their 3 Closings Guaranteed offer:

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