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A walk through Vuuzle Media Corporation’s journey and success

a walk through vuuzle media corporations journey and success

A walk through Vuuzl

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No one could be a hundred percent prepared in starting a company from the ground up. Success does not consist of all sunshine and roses. Building a company may be a rewarding and artistic adventure. However, the experience can also crush you and your dreams down.

Vuuzle Media Corporation (VMC) is a living testimony of how hard it is to pave the way to the limelight. It humbly started with few people with a common goal- to be the new era of entertainment.

With Ronnie Flynn as the team captain, the whole company created a win-win plan for both entrepreneurs and viewers. (To learn more about this win-win plan, click HERE)

The plan made VMC kiss Subscription TV goodbye and welcomed FREE TV with open arms.

Clinging to this strategy, success came knocking in the company’s doors. In fact, the VMC just won Verizon Media’s 3rd annual brand-blazer award for innovation. (To learn more about this award, click HERE)

Another milestone of VMC happened when Vuuzle Studios Dubai held its grand launch and premiered to kick off the media industry. The studios went beyond normal standards. It merged productivity, innovation, and comfort, into one and became a masterpiece itself. (To have quick look at Vuuzle Studios, click HERE)

Vuuzle Media Corporation is undoubtedly soaring in success.

Victories, on the other hand, have lessons to share, and we are glad to share these with you!




Here’s the deal. Most of us are average. Average intelligence, average skills, and average looking. In short, we’re pretty much on the same playing field as millions and millions of people. However, most men really aren’t, not because they’re average. But it is because they won’t hustle to get what they want.

Growth begins outside our comfort zone. The outside of this zone is pure hell. We must have the endurance to bear all odds and to continue persevering even with just a pinch of will and hope.



The world doesn’t need anyone of us to think smaller. Instead, the world needs us all to dream bigger, to be bolder, and figure out what makes us come alive.

The story of man’s progress from chaos to order is nothing but a story of his WILL pitted against all the hostile forces of nature. This WILL can be achieved by one of us by a continuous process of concentration on our purpose.

If our will is strong, we can easily overcome all hurdles. The concept of fate is man-made. It is not enough that we wish to achieve something. We should have the proper will to carry out our plans.



When it comes to adapting to change, the delay is increasingly expensive as you quickly lose your place in a world which forever marches steadily forward. Learning agility is the name of the game. Where the rules are changing fast, your ability to be agile in letting go of old rules and learning new ones is increasingly important.

One reminder that life has to offer is that it is dynamic. In order to continue surviving, we must adapt with constant changes, be ready to shed off the past, but also look back from its lessons.


When we say “YES”, we are definitely saying “NO” to something else. Distinguishing which to choose between these two is hard. But, our decision will create great impact on the fate of the company.


If our goal is to fly, we have to give up stuff that weighs us down. Never feel bad for making choices that upset others. Always choose on whatever is a good fit for the company’s success. Everything will follow then.


Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and risks. Routinary works kill individual growthEvery sunrise should be a new story, and every sunset is a new lesson. Challenges we should be accepted, and we must say yes, and be ready to jump and take risks.

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We can’t form a network without a relationship. We must spend quality time learning from every soul we encounter and make sure to stay in contact with as many people as we can.  A company cannot succeed with the sole effort of one person. Everything connects itself to details that make up an excellent output. A good culture builds relationships, and relationships are teamwork, not one against the other.

Every unique person who crosses our path can lead to a road of opportunity. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing success.

So take the long way home, seize every moment to talk to someone new. LISTEN to them and ask yourself how you can help THEM. Life is all about giving. And in return life gives you so much more back than what you deposited.

Vuuzle Media Corporation has a lot more of goals under its sleeves. The company will never stop finding ways to improve and adapt to this fast-paced world.

The world may be uncertain.

But, one thing is constant– A lot of struggles will come their way, AND NO ONE AND NOTHING CAN BRING VUUZLE DOWN. In God’s will.

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