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A look through Dubai Shopping Channel’s sparkling jewelry collection

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Jewelry has become a fashion item and as such an essential part of the wardrobe. The right type of jewelry can turn a ‘great ‘ look into an ‘incredible ‘ and ‘iconic’ one. Jewelry helps individuals to give the impression of being attractive and comprehensive.

On the other hand, jewelry is not just a fashion statement, but it extends beyond it. It is easy to understand, given the disproportionate value in the little volume, jewelry now is mostly considered as an investment rather than an artistic piece. As a result, being the business-focused type of person founder Ronnie Flynn is, he thought of incorporating jewelry with Vuuzle Media Corp’s Dubai Shopping Channel.

Dubai Shopping Channel (DSC), in partnership with Vuuzle Media Entertainment, is an avenue for shoppers to bring them new ways to discover and buy the best options for themselves.

Dubai Shopping Channel covers various categories to choose from, complete from A to Z, and J is for JEWELRY!

DSC gives its users a chance to choose from various categories. The categories range to any age, gender, taste, whichever suits the needs of its users. One category that has a large collection is jewelry, and you can’t help but love them. Honey, we see sparkles in your eyes! Take a look of some behind the scenes and what to expect:

Every jewelry piece uploaded on the Dubai Shopping Channel site is carefully picked, and treated with extra care while incorporating artistic techniques in its photography shoot.

Here are some jewelry pieces that will surely spark your attention!


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Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer and Public Relations Specialist

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