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A Hecatomb in Honduras: Thousands Still Need Assistance. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Foundation will be in Honduras after Hurricane ETA Landfall

A Hecatomb in Hondur

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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce’s members and partners around the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico have coordinated efforts in support to survivors as they go down the road to recovery with humanitarian assistance for Honduras. The theme of this humanitarian assistance : “Operation Helping Hands for Honduras– Recover and Rebuild Rural and productive communities”

November 9, 2020

Miami , Florida

Though media coverage has turned to other negative subjects in reference to the electoral process of the United States, thousands of rural people in Honduras are hoping someone remembers them as they continue to face the devastation, left behind by Hurricane ETA.  The Chamber will distribute to  Honduran hurricane battered communities tents, meals, antibiotics, feminine products, blankets, solar lamps, and other assistance as they work to recover.

The Chamber will contribute in the following development:

  • A committee has been appointed to help with long-term planning and recovery in Honduras, the Chamber is scheduled to arrive on November 13, 2020 in Honduras.
  • The Chamber will continue its humanitarian assistance and responds to scores of disasters each year, coordinating closely with members, partners, and federal government agencies.
  • The Chamber with it partners in the country, oversees an assessment of the impacted rural communities and will help develop a recovery support strategy, and expects to serve more than 100,000 people with meals and distribute more than 8,000 relief items and cleaning supplies to help people affected by ETA.
  • The Chamber’s priority is to help these hard-hit communities gain access to humanitarian assistance and establish goals for recovery that are measurable, achievable and affordable.
  • All donations need to be transport to our Location in Miami.
  • Volunteers have also provided more than 31,000 individual care contacts to help communities with medical or disability needs also to provide emotional and spiritual support during these challenging times. This also includes replacing prescription medications, eyeglasses or other medical equipment.
  • The Chamber will be in Honduras for as long as it takes, working beside partners to help people rebuild their lives and communities. Every disaster is different and so are the needs of each affected community and family.

Specifically, The U.S. MCC  is committed  to identify, mobilize, and provide at its coordination, tools, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency in Honduras”, said Doug Mayorga, Senior Executive of the Committee Planning for Disaster Program Honduras  by the U.S. MCC , “The U.S. MCC is ready to facilitate communication, coordination, and cooperation between our taskforce  and our counterpart in Honduras, through our leadership in disaster preparedness, response , and bring corporate partners to connect with nonprofit organizations and federal government agencies in recovery and be more prepared to face the reconstruction of a friendly country like Honduras. We are Honduras”.

About the U.S MCC: The Honduras’ mission is to restore in a timely manner the area’s affected by hurricane ETA. The Planning for Disaster Program by the Chamber(PDPBCH) was formed after Hurricane Maria which affected Puerto Rico on September 2017 with an extraordinary cooperation and support from U.S. Philanthropic, large corporations, hospitals, and private donors. The PDPBCH will coordinate efforts between our members and trade points of the Chamber, providing a wide range of donations and assistance in regions experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time due to disasters.

To support this mission, please visit the U.S. MCC website  or our Facebook page for more information. You can help by making a donation (no cash accepted) or becoming a volunteer. Make a difference in the lives of people impacted by Hurricanes ETA in Honduras by calling our Washington, DC office  (202) 250-0260, Miami Center (786) 406-2190, Puerto Rico (787) 239-9876, Los Angeles (646)465-9236 and  New York (646)836-4937.

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