Press Release

A free phone app (WOW) brings unity to the Israeli & Palestinian people.

MOUNT SHASTA, CA, USA, — Vast Self Corporation, a public charity, announced today the release of a free Android app named Wisdom Over Wars (WOW) developed by This interactive and educational app is on Google Play in English, Hebrew, and Palestinian Arabic.

The Wisdom Over Wars (WOW) app is based on scientific material never before available to Israeli and Palestinian people that offers an all-new problem-solving method. Using irrefutable science and logic, this app shows why humans share the same self, thus proving that any adverse action is always an action against oneself.

Users of this app have uncovered truths about themselves and “the other” that had gone unrecognized by their senses. This discovery has deeply changed their understanding of one another and made any negative action, conflicts, or wars unthinkable as any act of violence is an act against oneself. Users agree this untold knowledge offers a more effective cure to our human-made problems than the total sum of all modern methods.

We, at Vast Self, are 100% confident that the revelation of this new knowledge will bring tremendous benefit to both Israeli and Palestinian people. It guarantees an equal appreciation for the resulting peace, happiness, prosperity while making future conflicts inconceivable.

Beata Balos, a spokesperson for Vast Self said: “We designed Wisdom Over War (WOW) to end all human-made conflicts and wars. No traditional way of problem-solving seems to eradicate violent conflicts on earth, but this app will. Everyone is asking how? The game will demonstrate how we currently see ourselves and others is contradictory to how everyone exists.

Our senses tell us that we and everyone possesses an individual self; however, everyone shares one collective self. Users of WOW discover this fact in 3 simple steps. All human-made problems and sufferings, without exception, stem from not knowing that our senses distort the reality of how everyone exists. If you have an iPhone, please get a free app titled Wise Civilian & Wise Cop in Apple Store.”

Lynda Hardy of Vast Self Corp said: “The main purpose of WOW is to demonstrate that all humans share the same self, and no science or logic can disprove this argument. Everyone is welcome to refute the findings in the WOW app and win $10,000. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Saja Elathamna, Mahmoud Aldabous, Atara Melo, Aleks Gorlik, Alexandra Sullivan, and Farrelle Toumani, who helped WOW app become a reality.”

Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) public charity #83-1669166 whose sole purpose is to restore peace and happiness in the World. We provide a new revolutionary problem-solving method that will bring a permanent end to all human-made problems and sufferings. When used with other methods, it delivers superior results. We can demonstrate that long-lasting peace and happiness is the true nature of all people and animals and has always been attainable. This natural state is unavailable to most World’s inhabitants because they are unaware their senses are deceiving them, and thus, they cannot see how everyone exists. History has proven this ignorance is the only reason peace, compassion, unity, and happiness are so seldomly experienced in the World. But together, we can reverse it permanently.

Wisdom Over Wars app, (a.k.a. WOW) uses science and logic to prove that our enemies are not what they seem, but in fact, they all embody the same self.