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8 U.S. Cities to Invest In

Los Angeles and New York City used to be the hottest spots in the United States, but new cities are constantly emerging as competition. Investing in real estate in these growing cities can be a great way to make money. Check out these eight US cities that people are investing in today.

1. Orlando, Florida

Thanks to excellent weather, Florida is always a popular choice when it comes to real estate. Orlando may not have the same appeal as Miami for some people, but that means the real estate is fairly affordable and makes for a great investment. Plus, Walt Disney World Resort is always a big draw for families who are considering living in Orlando.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta might not be the first spot you think of when it comes to real estate investing, but it’s a great city to buy property. Atlanta is home to everything from sports arenas to concert venus and more. While real estate isn’t cheap here like it is in some of the other top cities on the list, the rapid appreciation of home prices makes Atlanta a good place to invest in.

3. Sacramento, California

The capital city of California isn’t the biggest or most beloved in the city, but it’s an excellent place to invest in real estate. Not only are homes fairly affordable in Sacramento, but those prices are increasing rapidly. Plus, you can take advantage of all the hard money loans Sacramento has to offer as one of the largest cities in the state.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

People love cities where there are things to do, so it should come as no surprise that Las Vegas has a good real estate market. The fact that investment property taxes are low in Vegas and there’s no personal income tax in Nevada makes this an even better city to invest in when it comes to real estate.

5. Columbus, Ohio

In recent years, the average price of homes in Columbus has increased quite a bit. However, the current average price is still significantly lower than the national average, which means Columbus is a great city to invest in.

6. Houston, Texas

Investing in hot cities with great weather is always a smart idea, which is exactly what Houston offers. Houston is home to some of the best entertainment in the country, with several professional sports teams, exciting nightlife, and many great restaurants. There are various types of properties available in Houston, and a growing real estate market makes them a promising investment.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

The sweltering summers of Arizona aren’t for everybody, but people still flock to Phoenix enough that real estate steadily appreciates in the city. Phoenix is a great mix between steady growth and affordable investment cost, and the excellent weather helps a bit as well. One interesting thing about Phoenix is the fact that a lot of homes have inground pools, which makes them even more valuable.

8. Jacksonville, Florida

Miami and Orlando are the cities most people imagine when they think of Florida, but Jacksonville is also an excellent city to invest in. Jacksonville is actually the most populous city in Florida, which means there are excellent real estate investment opportunities there. The sheer size of the Jacksonville area means there are a lot of properties you can invest in, so there’s something that works for every investor. If you’re going to invest in real estate, it’s important to do some market research and choose a good city. Luckily, there are several booming real estate markets these days. With some market research and hard work, you can succeed in real estate investing in cities across America.