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5 Building Aesthetics That Will Get You More Sales

Plenty of factors can influence a consumer’s purchase decision. Product placement, labels, colors, and even fonts can make a huge difference in sales volume. To be honest, most people buy packaging, not products.

Although marketing strategies can be highly effective, did you know that physical building aesthetics can also influence purchases? It’s true.

The way your building looks can either reel customers in or drive them away. If you want to do the former, give some time and attention to the following structural aesthetics.

1. High-class siding

Siding is a functional part of every building, but it also plays a large role in a structure’s aesthetic appeal. Certain types of siding can make an operation look cheap, even though the same siding might look great on a residence.

If you want to generate sales, you need high-class siding. One of the most popular choices is stone siding.

Stone makes buildings look larger, more solid, and majestic … although stone siding can admittedly be expensive.

Fortunately, you can get faux panels that look like real stone. Most faux stone panels are molded from real rock faces, which gives them an authentic look and feel.

2. A well-maintained parking lot and sidewalk

Most customers will forgive a cracked sidewalk or potholes in your parking lot for a while. If you’ve been in business for five years or more and haven’t fixed those cracks and holes, your customers will notice.

Failure to maintain your parking lot and sidewalk will make your clients wonder whether you care about your business. Cracks and potholes will inevitably grow over time, so the longer you leave them, the bigger they’ll get.

To avoid losing long-time customers who will likely drift away over time, fix your sidewalks and parking lot as soon as you can. Don’t let cracks and potholes get too big or numerous before you implement a solution.

3. Large archways and vestibules

Large entryways and archways make some people feel expansive and free. If you can create this sensation for your customers, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

If space allows, design a large archway for customers to pass through when they enter your business. Help them feel good before they’ve properly entered your building.

Use key architectural elements such as symmetry, contrast, mass, and space. Though vestibules are designed to keep cold or warm air out of the main interior spaces, they can also make visitors feel like they’re walking into a special place.

Many people naturally associate a vestibule with a fancy restaurant or hotel, and people buy more when they feel good. If you can encourage people to feel happy and expansive when they enter your store, you’ll automatically increase your sales.

4. Beautiful signage

Signage matters more than many people realize. If your signage is outdated or broken, fixing that can also dramatically increase your sales.

When people drive down the street and observe various businesses, they usually notice signage first. They are more likely to visit a business that has good signage.

What makes a sign beautiful can be relative. However, most would agree that a sign kept in proper repair is better than one with broken neon lights and cracked, peeling paint.

Pay attention to your signage. Make sure it conveys the right message to the right audience — and keep it in good shape.

5. Perfect landscaping

Landscaping drives curb appeal for businesses as well as private homes. People always make judgments based on their initial visual impressions.

You need landscaping that either features a minimal amount of foliage, or maintains a large amount of it perfectly. The former is easier, but the latter can give you better building aesthetics.

If you have weeds growing out of every crack in the sidewalk, or along the edges of your parking lot, your building won’t look well maintained. Make sure you hire someone to weed-whack on a regular basis, even if you don’t have complex landscaping elements to maintain.

While you’re focused on landscaping, make sure your walkways are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and scooters. Widen your walkways if you have to in order to make your space properly accessible.

Upscale your building aesthetics to power up your sales

There is no substitute for shrewd marketing, but building aesthetics can have almost an equal effect on purchases. Don’t let your marketing dollars go to waste.

If you’re actively marketing your business, you won’t want to disappoint visitors when they notice your building is falling apart. Do everything you can to create a warm and welcoming experience for your customers when they arrive at your place of business.

From your signage to your greenery, everything matters.