4 Simple Home Improvements That Will Help To Add Resale Value

what upgrades increase home
There are two basic reasons for conducting home improvements. There are plenty of simple home improvements you can do that will add significant resale value.

New Kitchen Hardware

An even simpler kitchen upgrade is new hardware meaning cabinet and drawer pulls. Updated Fireplace Mantel Your fireplace surround makes a huge visual statement. If you still have an old and outdated surround, you’re missing a chance to improve the aesthetic appeal of one of your home’s most frequently used rooms. When buying a fireplace mantel, looks are only part of the equation.

You’ll also need to consider the clearance requirements of your fireplace, the width requirements, and the room requirements .

Add Crown Molding

While cutting crown molding does require some basic comfort with angles and degrees, it’s fairly easy to do. All you need are a few basic tools like a miter saw/box, a nail gun, and some measurement tools.

Integrate Simple Tech Gadgets

Any time you can tell a potential buyer that your home is outfitted with the latest tech, it makes your job of selling the home that much easier.

Make the Most Out of Your Investment

While home improvements will cost you some on the front end, they almost always deliver a healthy ROI at the closing table.

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