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2021 digital marketing stats that will shape the future

Although marketers had spent months trying to plan for the year ahead, nobody could have predicted the global effect that Covid-19 had on 2020. For companies to continue to compete and progress during the pandemic, they needed to adapt and react very quickly, meeting new consumer habits and lifestyle alterations. With 2020 changing the way people live, marketing has started a new way of operating, with this year becoming the daring yet. Read on to find out the best CX trends of 2021.

1. Shoppable social media posts

More and more shoppers are looking for the most convenient way to spend. With the growth of social media, shoppable posts have become more widely seen, giving consumers a fast and easy way to buy the products they want. Living in a digital age, people are spending more and more time on their phones, with reports of people spending over two hours each day scrolling through social media on their phones. This gives brands the perfect opportunity to capitalise by meeting consumers at the places they are already visiting.

2. Voice search

With people on the constant quest for convenience, voice searching is becoming more and more popular. For people who want quick ways to find information or news, voice help such as Cortana and Siri are making technological leaps in 2021. Marketers want to ensure that their brand, product, or services are available with easy-to-say phrases using voice-friendly terms. With the growth of smart speakers in the home, it is essential for marketers to make their content completely optimised for voice-friendly searchability.

3. Video marketing

Video marketing is a great way to provide a visual conversation starter, offering a much more engaging form of content compared to blogs or articles that some people may not want to read through. Nearly one hundred per cent of marketers say that they actively use video marketing in their campaigns.

4. AI chat boxes

Customers will always seek human interaction when they shop online, and a lot of marketers will use the help of an AI chat box to do this. An AI chat box can speak to customers in a human way, writing complete sentences to answer any questions the shopper may have. Creating this illusion of human interaction lets the customer feel more involved in the process of their shopping experience.

5. Artificial reality

Artificial reality (AR) technology is advancing more and more, and this growth will see more companies join this trend than ever before. AR technology gives users a 3D image of a product allowing them to have a more comprehensive grasp on the item before purchasing. All of this without having to leave your home. AR allows a complete shopping experience without the stress of queues and people around you.

6. Virtual reality

Similar to AR, virtual reality or VR is only getting more prominent with advances in technology growing at speed. Companies will be able to create a shopping simulation with the use of VR glasses that will allow people to get the full experience that comes with shopping from the comfort of their home.

7. Interactive content

Interactive content is becoming the newest way to keep the interest of consumers. Content such as polls, online quizzes, and even shoppable posts are becoming more popular on eCommerce websites and social media apps. With nearly all business competing to attract user attention online, it is vital that you use creative ways to try and stand out from the rest. Interactive content that creates a link between your brand message and the customer will help a lot. 

8. Social messaging trends

While social media platforms are mainly used for communicating with friends and family, platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are becoming central hubs for businesses to network. Throughout 2021, it is likely that marketers will be using social messaging apps to help reach new audiences while simultaneously networking with other brands.

9. Programmatic advertising

The guessing game of ad placement has been a battle for marketers for many years, but with programmatic advertising it has been made much easier. Marketers now have the ability to put their ads in the places that their target audience is visiting. Budget spending can be utilised in a much more efficient way using this kind of programmatic advertising, allowing marketers to spend their money much more wisely.

10. Artificial intelligence growth

Artificial intelligence has grown from strength to strength, with this technology continuing to rise during 2021. The marketing industry is discovering new technology to improve customer service and gather detailed information quickly through the use of AI. Artificial intelligence will have a big impact on marketing trends in 2021, whether it is acquiring and analysing consumer data, tracking sales and performance, or removing repetitive tasks from workers