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10 Events Worth Putting on Your October Calendar

Rock The Ballet Show at Dubai Opera Downtown

As a leading and reputed destination for performing arts in the city, this 2000-seater is multi-platform that follows a post-modern architecture throughout. Located in the Opera District, this is a destination featuring some of the most talented individuals in the field. This season, the Dubai Opera is featuring a dance ensemble known as ‘Rock the Ballet X’ that will commemorate pop music with modern dance with classical Broadway ballet performers.

Tickets available starting from AED 300.

Red Arrow Aerial Show at Expo 2020

On Friday the 8th of October, The Red Arrows – World’s premier aerobatic display teams, are set to paint the skies with an inspiring air show in order to represent the UK Pavillion for the tens of thousands of people in the region.

This show is aimed towards to representing the general precedence of events and program set to run the UK pavilion at the EXPO 2020. Visitors and residents of Dubai can now enjoy the show at 4 PM, Friday, October 8th.

EXPO 2020 launches “Cultures in Conversation”

Following its launch in March 2020, Alserkal Avenue has many a times been home to inspiring artists, performing arts, embracing creativity and forming the regions’ the most well-known cultural hub.

In order to take this to the next step, EXPO 2020 has joined hands with Alserkal Avenue for the launch of ‘Cultures in Conversation’ as part of their programme for People and Planet.

The Event will feature a ten-theme week of events that aim to induce cross-cultural discussions and ‘talks’ to engage, inspire and refocus a change in global issues.

Interested members can now attend the program from the 9th of October (Saturday) onwards.

Madame Tussauds exclusively at Bluewaters Island

The popular waxwork famed museum is finally opening its doors to the city, right along the coastline of JBR, Dubai. Officially based in London, the destination was established over 200 years ago and strives to be a popular attraction as it expands across the globe.

The recent opening is set to feature several wax figures of several A-list celebrities, political leaders, sporting legends and more.

The impressive gallery is now open to public from October the 14th.

Expo Running Club- warmup (free event)

This EXPO led event, will facilitate morning and evening running sessions led by professional coaches and instructors. The event is a contributor for Sports, Wellness and Health hub of the EXPO 2020.

Open to all ages, members can now begin registrations and participate in various long-distance races and actively improve their fitness levels. The event is set to begin on October the 17th and continue until October the 20th.

Indian Premier League at Dubai Sports City

The Indian Premier League has been much awaited considering its suspension earlier this year due to COVID precautions. The season is currently on-going across stadiums in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi – with 13 matches taking place in Dubai.

Cricket enthusiasts can now join and enjoy the ongoing matches starting from today at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium at the Dubai Sports City – with ticket priced at AED 100. However, it does need to be kept in mind current condition only accommodate ‘limited seating’.

Breast cancer awareness Month

As the month of commemoration, October serves especially as the breast cancer awareness month. Dubai has, for many years, been a host for many of the awareness events and causes held in the city. Breast Cancer Month being one of them – has not only hosted some remarkable events and facilitated change for the cause – but has also given the women in the region a chance to commemorate the event and celebrate themselves.

The city’s numerous leisure attractions go hand in hand with this one. Pamper yourself a little this month, and check out these great spots for more.

Moloud – Public Holiday

Moloud – also the ‘Prophet Muhammad’s birthday’ is revered as a holy day by Muslims, and is therefore a public holiday for everyone in Dubai. This day is recognized by both public and private sectors all over the country.

These year’s holiday however, falls right at the end of the week giving us all a long weekend ahead. Many choose to spend this time with loved ones while indulging in the well-deserved break. Leading vacation rental providers in the region, such as, Deluxe Holiday Homes – have recognized this and given rise to some of the most luxurious holiday rentals for exactly this reason.

DXB Fitness Challenge

The 30-day event will launch on October 29th and go on until November the 27th, for the fifth time since its initial launch. The event will follow a 30X30 rule featuring 30 activities in 30 minutes, all located in the Kite Beach Fitness Village from 2PM – 11PM on weekdays and 7AM – 11PM on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays).

Participants will enjoy a number of free activities across 15 different zones ranging from yoga, cycling to water sports and HITT.  In order to make the most of this challenge, fitness freaks can even book their own villa in Palm Jumeirah – for the duration of this challenge, train along and experience the luxury of training alongside the beach. Moreover, the villa’s very own private pools, spacious layouts and close vicinity to the event itself is definitely something to think about.

Halloweek Ahead

Who said Halloween only lasts a day, when make this a weeklong celebration? With the city’s major entertainment venues, holiday makers are likely to have a memorable blast. You can even get heads start, with Akira Backs’ ‘Freak Show brunch’ in W the Palm or the Halloween Brunch at Hotel Cartagena. Moreover, the city features plenty of escape rooms and haunted houses to make this experience all the more thrilling.

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